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The Meaning of a Word by Gloria Naylor
I want to first start off by saying that this word has been used so many times around and at me. So many of my friends or just the younger generation use this word a lot. I personally do not use the word unless I am talking about the so called “trifling niggers” that Naylor mentioned and I shouldn’t even use it then.
I like how Naylor kept repeating the phrase “words themselves are innocuous; it is the consensus that gives them true power.” I didn’t know what innocuous was so I looked it up. The definition of innocuous is not harmful or injurious; harmless. So, that statement basically states that words alone are not harmful but, it is the general agreement of the word that gives its meaning. I was taught that when I heard the word “nigger” to know that it is a bad, mean, offensive word. I was told that anyone who used that word to hurt me in anyway was ignorant and stupid. My granny would always say “ignore ignorance.”
I have two major problems with people using the word “nigger.” My first problem is that blacks/African Americans use this word to much as a greeting or just generally speaking about someone. They say “wat’s up my nigga” or “dat nigga ova there” and see nothing wrong with it. To me, it shows a lack of vocabulary and ignorance. People should think back to how many people were called “niggers” and what they had to do to gain respect. My second issue is the “who can call me nigger rule.” Everybody is familiar with this rule. The rule that states: people of races other than black or of color CANNOT call me a nigger or it is a form of disrespect. The exception to the rule is usually that a person can call me a “nigger” if it is not meant in a harmful or disrespectful way. If and only if they are a close friend, associate, in the family somehow, etc.

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